What are the main types of trade waste collection?

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Trade waste collection services are different for every company, with bespoke contract collections to suit the type and quantity of waste you produce, and schedules to collect it at a time that is convenient for you.


Each type of industry usually has its own demands for waste disposal, which is why it is so important to organise a bespoke trade waste collection service to give you the bins and skips you need, and to empty them regularly.


Here are some of the common kinds of trade waste collection we encounter.


Office Waste

We can supply wheelie bins and larger waste containers suitable for paper and card waste, which is usually the main waste stream for most offices – These are more than just your typical household wheelie bins, with a total of four different capacities and all available with a lockable option for security.


If you have other waste streams on site, for example if you have a kitchen or canteen that generates food waste, or even coffee, we can arrange a suitable contract collection schedule for each type of waste you produce.


Construction Sites

When you think of skips, for many people construction sites are the obvious example of where a larger capacity open-top skip might be needed, for heavy rubble and mixed material waste.


Our skip hire service offers open and enclosed skips, collected at a time that is convenient for you, and with full waste disposal documentation provided afterwards so you can meet all of your regulatory or legislative requirements.


Packaging Waste

Packaging waste can quickly become a problem – not only does it take up a lot of space, even when boxes are broken down flat, but it can also look untidy.


Secure waste containers for packaging waste keep dry cardboard safely enclosed in a lockable bin or skip, ready for safe collection on your scheduled date.


Food Waste

Lengthy delays between food waste collections can create a hygiene risk, but if you find your bin is often only half-full on collection day, you might not be making the most of your trade waste collection contract.


We can advise on the appropriate schedule and on the right size and type of bins for your premises, including suitable recyclable waste containers for any food waste and other organic matter that could be diverted away from land fill.


Emergency Waste Collections

Finally, nobody wants to be left with excess waste unexpectedly, whether it’s food waste from an event or a broken-down freezer room, or mixed materials that you expected to dispose of in some other way, but were unable to do so.


Our emergency waste collections can dispose of spoiled food from catering companies, excess waste on your premises due to fly tipping, site clearances and other emergencies – no matter what type of trade you are involved in.


Contact us with any urgent enquiries and we will always aim to respond to emergency waste collection enquiries within an hour, 24 hours a day.