• Sustainability


At Lavelle Waste Services, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Our entire team are committed to doing our best for sustainability, in order to leave our planet in the best possible shape for future generations.

We use various technology and equipment to help us be more environmentally friendly. Our vehicles all meet the latest Euro 6 emissions legislation; and our driver telematics and optimised routing help towards minimising our time on the road. All our systems are digital and therefore paperless and our online portal helps customers minimise paper-use too.

We’re always investing in ways to improve sustainability, including recycling and reusing, as well as advancing technologies to reduce waste and creating safer, cleaner disposal options. We can help your business transform its contribution to sustainability too – just contact the team to find out more.


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Emma Lavelle

From a young age, I have seen many technological developments that haven’t been utilised in the waste management industry. I believe, with Craig’s experience and my innovation, Lavelle Waste Services can optimise performances. We pride ourselves on not only doing things differently, but doing them better!

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