We Add Another Dual Collection Vehicle!

  |   Company News, Lavelle Waste Services

Lavelle’s are proud to add yet another innovative, efficent, safe and reliable vehicle to the fleet. The latest waste collection Vehicle utilisatieses two Farid Hillend Products, their T1 rear loader and unipod side loader. The body’s have been mounted to a Scania P320 chasis cab.


By utilising two farid products, our team can collect two seperate waste streams at once, such as Cardboard and Glass waste. These two very difference waste streams are kept in seperate compartments to avoid contamination. This allows us to keep costs and carbon emissions low as we only need 1 vehicle to complete a job, rather than two vehicles. The ability to collect 2 waste streams at once also decreases noise pollution and congestion on the streets of Manchester.

The 6 wheeled Scania has a euro 6 ultra effiecent engine, making it elligable for Greater Manchester’s upcoming clean are zone. The vehicle also scores high on vision rankings. The vision is supplemented with 5 HD cameras around the vehicle to give the driver 360 degree vision. The Vehicle is also fitted with side scan, which alerts the driver to any obsticals on the nearside of the vehicle when turning left.


The vehicle is the 2nd addition to Lavelle’s growing fleet this year alone. It is also the 2nd vehicle capable of collecting 2 waste streams at once and is part of Lavelle’s half a million pound investment into the latest trucks, technology and equipment.


Click the link below to watch the reveal of our new £250,000 investment!


“This investment is huge for our business, but we believe it is the right one to truly cut down congestion, carbon emissions and improve effciency. By having 2 vehicles capable of collecting 2 comlpetely different types of waste such as Glass waste and cardbaord waste, it gives us the upper edge when collecting from our customers in the hospitality industry”. Sam Lavelle operations Manager.

The vehicle has also been fitted with  Moba weighing system to both the pod side lift and the bin lift. This allows us to capture weights from our customers sites so that we can produce accurate reports. This also allows our driver to utilise tip visits, saving time, fuel and emissions. The Moba system works alongside our software provided by Waste Logics. Waste logics allows our office team to see how our crews are progressing with their jobs and can see in realtime what the weights are from completed jobs. Allowing us to inform customers accurate ETA’s on their waste collections.



If you want to join Manchester’s fastest growing waste business with the most modern effcient fleet, then give the team a call today and start having your collections made simple…