The Coffee Recycling Co.

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Lavelle’s new venture into biofuels!


The Coffee Recycling Company is now the first company in the north west dedicated to recycling used ground coffee beans and diverting them from landfill. Partnered with its founders Lavelle waste services and bio-bean. The coffee recycling company will provide customers with dedicated caddies and wheelie bins to provide a service separate from the traditional general waste collections.


What happens to the coffee?

The coffee is collected by the coffee recycling company and sent to bio-bean’s state of the art facility in Cambridge, where the coffee is compressed into a biofuel coffee log. The logs are wrapped in wax and are perfect for burning on an open fire on a winter’s night. The coffee logs produce more heat and last longer than traditional methods such as wood!  Win win!


In the UK, we now drink approximately 95 million cups of coffee per day according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research (2018). Resulting in the UK sending over 500,000 tonnes of used coffee grounds to landfill each year! We aim to reduce this number and give the unwanted waste a second life in 3 simple steps.


This partnership was started by an urge to make a difference and offer customers the oppurtunity to divert waste to landfill and give it an extra life as something truly useable one coffee cup at a time.


The coffee recycling company is still in its infancy but has its eyes set on transforming the way the North West percieves used coffee grounds. Craig Lavelle says

“There is massive market in the UK for ground coffee, so to support this market it is vital we recycle what we can from fast consumable goods, every cup recycled is a step in the right direction”


You can check the Coffee Recycling Company out more on their website: