Lavelle’s invest in another PDE mobile compactor!

  |   Commercial Waste Management, Company News

Lavelle’s are pleased to add another mobile compactor from PDE to the inventory of stock.


“This investment into our containers that we can offer to our diverse portfolio of customers strengthens our position as a total waste management provider. With long waiting lists on compactors, having one in stock is a massive advantage to ourselves and customers. It allows us to react quickly and prevent waste build up on our customers sites.” Sam Lavelle


After Lavelle’s took delivery of the first PDE compactor, we recieved fantastic feedback from our customer. We knew we wanted more as we believe the quality is unrivalled within the industry. We intend to continue our investment into our equipment to ensure our customer’s receive the highest quality and reliability containers.


Mobile compactors are ideal for sites that generate large amounts of compactable waste, they allow for more waste to be compacted into 1 container, saving on transport costs and reducing the sites carbon footprint. Compactors are available in various configurations, such as optional bin lifts fitted for ease of loading.


Our talented customer, Signs North West helped add our livery to the container. If you want to see how they did it, check out our Youtube video giving a behind the scenes view into how they did it…



If you think a mobile compactor meets your waste requirments, then please get in touch with the team today and start having your collections made simple…