Lavelle’s help raise funds at St. Andrews Summer Festival

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Lavelle’s have now worked with St. Andrews primary school since 2016 and have had the pleasure of dealing with their headteacher, Mr Platt and colleagues since.

The school recently enjoyed a summer festival on their school playing field, Lavelle’s were happy to donate to the event to help raise funds.


‘Many thanks to Lavelle’s for sponsoring the BBQ at our recent summer festival. It helped generate some much-needed income for the school. Their commitment to local community events is a very creditable feature of their organisation and professionalism.’ M Platt, Headteacher.



Since we started working with the school, we have managed to drastically reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, we provided the school with multiple waste streams to ensure segregation at source and to decrease the school’s carbon footprint. General waste is being used to create RDF (refuse-derived fuel) and turned into energy, their cardboard and packaging starting life again as new products and their food waste is being used to create energy with the use of Anaerobic digestion.


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