Lavelle’s expand FEL services

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Lavelle Waste Services takes delivery of more 8 yard FEL containers to supplement an increase in customer demand.


With the wet and windy weather in full swing, it won’t stop us delivering brand-new Front-End Loader (FEL) containers to our customers sites. Our latest delivery are comprised of 8 side hung FEL containers, meaning the lids open outwards, this makes loading at site easier and can reduce spillage on site when being emptied.


See the video below to see our latest containers being off loaded.



MJL Skip Master have built all of Lavelle’s FEL containers to a high standard, ensuring the containers are durable and safe to load and when being emptied. Customers are assured the containers they receive are of a high quality, matching our service levels.



What waste streams are available for an FEL container?


General Waste (White Lids)


Paper and Cardboard (Yellow Lids)


Mixed Recycling (Yellow Lids)


FEL containers are available in various sizes as well as waste streams, such as: 6 yard, 8 yard and 10 yard containers.


We colour co-ordinate and label our containers lids to aid with segregating waste at source and to prevent cross contamination. We aim to divert 100% of waste collected from landfill. We strongly believe in segregating waste at source to give wasted products the best opportunity to be recycled. Having an FEL on site can reduce site movements which decreases the carbon footprint of your business.


If you think an FEL container would suit your businesses waste output, then get in touch today to save money, time and environmental impact.