Front End Loader (FEL) Containers

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Lavelle’s are driving forward into 2021 with more Front End Loader (FEL) Services.


Our Front End Loaders (FEL) are ideal for those situations where large volumes of waste are produced. The capacity of Front End Loaders enables the storage of significant volumes of waste, in a secure and lockable steel unit.

Front End Loaders are static waste management skips, we provide the service and specialist equipment to move them. So, if you require a stable, high capacity waste container, then get in touch and we will take care of the rest.




Our reliable Scania truck fitted with a modern Front end loader body lifts FEL containers up and empties them into the body of the truck. This waste is then compacted allowing the driver to maximise their load.


When used correctly, the cost for FEL services can often be much cheaper than continuously using a skip.



FEL Containers are available in multiple sizes for multiple waste streams:


6 Yard


8 Yard


10 Yard


Waste Streams available are:


General waste


Paper and Cardboard


Our safe, reliable steel containers offer secure storage for waste between pick ups. All containers are lockable to prevent fly tipping into the container.