A better approach to commercial waste removal

  |   Commercial Waste Management, Waste Removal

A concern for a number of businesses is finding the best approach to commercial waste removal. From regular contract waste collections, to one-off bulky item removals and emergency waste disposal, commercial waste removal keeps your premises clean, safe and hygienic week by week.


All this ensures you don’t face overflowing bins or skips and can react to an emergency without waste piling up on your premises; it’s also good for the environment, as a better approach to commercial waste removal will also reduce the amount of rubbish that goes into landfill sites.


Working with a commercial waste management company that can regularly collect all of the kinds of waste that your business produces, including recyclables of different kinds, and that will work with you to improve your own on-site processes if you want some independent expert advice, is the ideal scenario.


The basics

The first step is ensuring you have the right bins or skips for your business, and that you have the capacity to handle the amount of waste that your business typically produces.


Make sure your collection schedule suits your business needs, so that your bins are emptied before they start to overflow, as this not only ensures you always have somewhere to dispose of your waste, it also helps with hygiene if bins are properly closed and no excess rubbish is piled up around them in bags.


Also, train your employees in correct disposal of waste, so that you do not risk contaminating recyclable bins and skips, and so that any rubbish that urgently needs taking away is in your bins in time for collection day.


If you want to go one better, Lavelle Waste Services can help you. Our on-site audits give you our independent expert opinion on your current waste disposal procedures, and any ways we think you could improve on them.


This might mean more employee engagement in the kinds of issues, like better disposal of recyclable types of waste, that are mentioned above.


It can also be about making sure you have enough capacity for each type of recyclable waste, and for general waste too, so that your bins are regularly filled close to capacity by collection day, but with enough spare room for most ordinary variation in your levels of rubbish.


Lavelle go further

Working with Lavelle Waste Services means we can provide you with our tailored service, which offers more than you’ll get from other commercial waste removal companies.


For instance, our drivers are all equipped with PDAs, which means as soon as we have visited your premises, you will receive a confirmation email to confirm that your bins have been emptied, and if we were unable to collect your waste for any reason – for example, we couldn’t get to them behind a locked gate – then you would receive a report complete with photographic evidence.


Our vehicles are fitted with 360-degree cameras, to maximise safety for surrounding passers-by, vehicles and buildings, while ensuring the security of our drivers and the materials they have collected.


We also always welcome enquiries and feedback, helping us to remove commercial waste in a way that works best for our clients – and build a long and happy working relationship with our commercial customers.