30 years of loyalty to Scania Trucks

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Craig Lavelle, Managing Director at Lavelle Waste Services Ltd, has chosen to use Scania trucks since the mid 1980’s at his previous family business, Lavelle & Son’s, which grew to incorporate over 30 vehicles in Trafford Park. Present day we are now 2 and a half years into the new journey, where Lavelle’s have successfully taken delivery of 7 Scania trucks, with more on order we see no substitute to their performance, reliability, comfort and service, more importantly their euro 6 low emission engines. Lavelle’s are prepared for Manchester’s Clean Air Zone in 2021.


Gary Kirkwood, from West Pennine Trucks has taken care of Craig’s previous orders, with a long-lasting relationship in place, Gary understands the specifications of the trucks Lavelle’s need.


Craig Lavelle Managing Director of Lavelle Waste Services Ltd pictured with Gary Kirkwood from West Pennine Trucks.


The Lavelle Waste Fleet in 2016 to present day 2019.


Future Scania trucks…


Lavelle waste services intends to add more Scania’s to the fleet, with more innovative trucks on order, Lavelle’s aim to meet customers expectations with new technology, increased efficiency and health and safety conscious trucks to protect both the drivers and the public.


For a prompt and reliable waste provider, do not hesitate to contact Lavelle Waste Services to ensure your collections are made simple!